Best Practice Corporate Governance

Practical implementation of best practice corporate governance is an overlooked area of corporate governance consultancy. Anyone can read a Code of Corporate Governance but how will it be implemented in practice? Many boards find it challenging to implement efficient ways of actively following prescribed corporate governance codes.

At Global Governance Group we focus on developing practical tools that are easy to use and implement for boards

We believe the board composition is at the heart of corporate governance effectiveness and offer boards a board composition model and skills and succession planning matrix to ease the process of determining the composition.

We also work with boards and executives around the risk oversight and how to make it a live part of the board agenda, discussions and decisions. Making the risk oversight an effective tool in deciding on the overall risk appetite of the company, is key for board members when discussing the longer term viability of the company.


Initiating discussions of how to implement vision, mission and strategy into the board agenda in a practical way, is a good starting point to ensuring the right issues are being covered at board meetings.

We offer implementation of best practice corporate governance services as part of a board evaluation, as corporate governance training or as a free standing service.