Board Evaluation Plus

Practical implementation of best practice corporate governance is an overlooked area of corporate governance consultancy. Anyone can read a Code of Corporate Governance but how will it be implemented in practice? Many boards find it challenging to implement efficient ways of actively following prescribed corporate governance codes.

At Global Governance Group we focus on developing practical tools that are easy to use and implement for boards.

There is still a lot of work to do however. Despite all the efforts, substantial challenges remain. When speaking to global investors and regulators it is clear that good governance is no longer an option, but an imperative. Most investors are fully aware of the transformative properties of corporate governance in managing risk and creating value.

Improved governance will for any organisation have a range of positive effects, among others:

GGG has an impressive group of very experienced Consultant Directors who have all been active Board Members of listed and unlisted companies for many years and who follow corporate governance best practice principles. They offer to share their knowledge through a board evaluation plus service, where a Consultant Director will support a board in practical implementation of governance best practice throughout one full year.


Throughout the year the Consultant Director will share their extensive corporate governance best practice knowledge in the formal and informal settings of the board. This way of practicing knowledge transfer at board level is unique to GGG and its Consultant Directors. We are able to offer this service in scale and on a global basis.


All our Consultant Directors are available for boards globally. They are all passionate about increasing corporate governance and supporting boards that would benefit from their knowledge.