Board Evaluation

Rising levels of board scrutiny from shareholders, regulators and the public have increased the need for Boards of Directors to demonstrate effective leadership, independence in the decision-making processes and the ability to exercise controls. Board structure, composition and independence are all important aspects of the effective board. In addition an understanding of the decision-making processes, the dynamics between the individuals and the behaviours, contributions and commitment of the individuals are equally important.

The Corporate Governance Codes in many countries state that boards should undertake an evaluation of its own performance on a regular basis. An increasing number of regulators and investors also expect boards to do so.

By conducting a board evaluation the board will gain insight into which areas of their corporate governance could be improved.

They will be able to demonstrate to Stakeholders that they are working towards achieving the optimal level of corporate governance best practice on an ongoing basis.
We conduct board evaluations designed for boards who would like to know where they stand compared to their prescribed corporate governance code and best practice.

We offer three levels of board evaluations, a free self assessment tool, an external board evaluation and a board evaluation plus.

We have years of practical board experience serving on a range of different boards, conducting board evaluations and from consulting on corporate governance best practice.

Confidentiality is essential, all information in relation to the evaluation, except for the final report, will be returned, anonymised or destroyed once the evaluation has concluded.

Benefits to the Board and the Company

Benefits to Stakeholders