Our Services

Governance Advisory

Regardless of size or sector corporate governance practices touch on almost every aspect of directing and controlling your organisation and the effectiveness of its decision-making. Our governance consultancy services are wide-ranging, from advice on best practice governance procedures, practices and structures, through to bespoke training and workshops, governance-led transformational change programmes as well as advice and support on governance and sustainability reporting.
Our consultancy work usually begins with understanding and building the right environment for effective decision – making and sustainability, revolving around understanding and fostering the right organisational values being matched by the appropriate director behaviours and actions. The next phase moves into designing and effecting the right approach to governance practices. Following this we provide ongoing support and advice where and when required to ensure that confidence in the new way of doing things is built upon strong foundations.

There is no doubt in our minds that stronger governance practices lead to better business performance and that good governance is  integral to an organisation’s ability to create and retain value.

Our Methodology

Case Studies

To better understand the kind of work that Global Governance Group delivers we have added a selection of our projects below. These case studies illustrate how we apply our practical knowledge and experience for assisting organisations and boards in improving their governance.

Global Financial services firm

Regulatory driven board evaluation and governance structure review leading to new rationalised governance framework

Global FTSE250 Natural resources company

Governance and regulatory driven board evaluation supporting a move closer to best practice corporate governance

State Owned Enterprises Governance

Strategically driven governance transformational programme, initiating best practice governance and sustainability reporting and related training.

Emerging Market Private Equity Investment

Governance due diligence prior to key private equity investment, organisational design and related training

Global Not For Profit/Third sector

We were brought in to help the organisation overcome a difficult phase in its evolution through improving its governance. This was conducted with a focus on risk management / oversight and stakeholder engagement, management and communication which had been pre-identified as needing improvement

Family-owned Global Infrastructure company

Assisting restructure of company to achieve a simplified sustainability driven governance and organisational structure

Global FTSE250 Producer of Oil and Gas

Operations driven governance transformational programme, initiated best practice ESG reporting and related board training

Global Private Wealth Manager

Succession driven board evaluation and regulation compliance check leading to board refreshment, training and mentoring