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Governance Training

Our Tailored Programmes
Our governance training courses can be fully tailored to you and your organisational needs via virtual, live, in-person or blended means. We are used to delivering board and committee workshop based training as well as providing individual director training and mentoring on the specifics of sound governance practices.

If you are interested in learning more about our bespoke governance and sustainability-related training courses please get in touch

The below list provides an indication of the scope of our work already
delivered in this area;

    • Earning and Keeping the Trust of the Board
    • Purpose, Values, Impact and Leadership
    • Corporate Governance Best Practice
    • ESG and Sustainability Implementation
    • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
    • Risk Management and Oversight
    • Questions to Ask in the Boardroom
    • Corporate Governance Best Practice
    • Implementing Governance Schemes
    • Governance IPO readiness
    • Governance Capital Markets Communications

Our Online Courses

Our standardised governance training programmes are available to access anytime online as well as being able to be delivered in person or blended form. These virtual courses cover a range of topics and provide shorter self-development opportunities.

Corporate Governance – Why and What?

Building Effective Relationships with Stakeholders

Applied Corporate Governance Best Practice

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