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Governance Evaluation

Rising levels of stakeholder scrutiny has increased the need for Boards to demonstrate effective leadership, independence in decision-making and the ability to exercise controls. Board structure, composition and challenge are all important aspects of an effective board.

In many countries it is a requirement that boards undertake a regular evaluation of their own performance. By conducting an externally facilitated evaluation, the board will gain objective insights into areas for improving their corporate governance as well as being able to demonstrate that they are working towards achieving best practice on a sustainable basis.

We conduct board evaluations designed for boards who would like to know where they stand compared to their prescribed corporate governance code and industry best practices. We also provide a free online self assessment tool (Board Metrix below) as well as offering Board Evaluation + which is an evaluation, consultancy and training blended offer. 

Governance Evaluation Options

Board Evaluation

An externally facilitated Board Evaluation conducted in person by governance experts with long experience as directors on boards

Board Evaluation +

This is a unique holistic approach to in depth Board Evaluation with ongoing director support, mentoring, knowledge sharing and training


We believe the key to building successful companies starts with a dynamic board. BoardMetrix is a GGG Ltd board evaluation tool powered by our unique algorithm to guide you in good governance.